Interior Design Trends // 2024

Interior Design Trends // 2024

Happy 2024! I hope you enjoyed time over the holidays to relax, slow down, and be with family and friends. It's hard to believe that December is already over - it feels like so much happened but time flew so fast! Lane & Luca is officially one month old. I can't thank you enough for all of your support this past month!

In an Instagram Q&A that I posted a few weeks ago, many of you said that you like to stay up on current design trends. Each new year, I think it's so interesting to see what trends are here to stay, and which are on their way out. 

One question I often receive is how to prevent a space from being too trendy, and from going "out of style" too soon. This is a really tricky question! Even though I gravitate towards a timeless, classic style, it's almost impossible not to make some "trendy" choices when picking out pieces for Lane & Luca or my own home. I do believe there's a way to intertwine timeless and trendy, allowing your space to be modern, yet stand the test of time. I think what's most important is leaning in to what you love, rather than making choices based solely on what is trending. 

To give you a peak into 2024, I compiled a list of trends I'm forecasting and trends that are declining in popularity. Keep in mind this is a subjective list based on my own predictions and market research. Don't let this sway you too much, and remember that trends always come and go! 

Trends I'm Forecasting for 2024

Rich Wood Tones 

Designers are taking a step away from "all white everything" and incorporating more rich wood tones in kitchens, furniture, built ins, etc. I love the warmth, comfort and coziness that this gives a space. The finish of the wood can vary, making this trend very versatile.

More Color & Ornate Details

Taking risks, experimenting with more, and adding unique details is the name of the game this year. Neutrals will always have their place, but playful and colorful pieces create a visually interesting and layered space.

Shades of Brown

Will brown be the color of the year? Designers are seeing warm shades of light and dark brown replace cooler, grey walls.

Hidden Appliances (Appliance Garages)

It's becoming less and less popular to keep kitchen appliances out on display - think blenders, air fryers, microwaves. Designers are introducing "appliance garages" to help you streamline your kitchen storage.

Checkerboard Pattern

It's safe to say this pattern was in the spotlight in 2023. Designers think it's here to stay, especially placed alongside inviting, playful curved edges. Curves, meet straight lies.

Trends on Their Way Out

Open Shelving

I'm sure you have seen this trend everywhere the past few years. It has been a very common feature in kitchens especially. I do think it can be a beautiful way to display decor pieces or serveware, but I personally prefer a classic cabinet to the open style.

Grey and Stark White

"All white everything" has had its moment. White tones are timeless and will always have a place in our homes, but incorporating wood tones and color is rising in popularity. Similarly, grey has been pushed aside to make room for moody, colorful interiors.

Sliding Barn Doors

The wide, barn style sliding doors are being replaced by a more classic sliding or pocket door. Designers are coming to the conclusion that this rustic door style rarely compliments the overall style of a home.

Ultra-Minimalist and Ultra-Modern Spaces

Ornate details, color and pattern are taking over this year. Clean lines and white walls are lacking the warm, inviting atmosphere that many are craving.

Fast, Mass Produced Furniture

“Soulful spaces are emerging as a form of self-expression and historical nostalgia like never before,” says Pinterest’s home and design creator management lead, Jeremy Jankowski. Many are leaving behind quick, impersonal trend pieces and instead gravitating towards one-of-a-kind vintage pieces or boutique finds.


- Delaney

*photos via Pinterest 

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Thank you for sharing your insight! I am redecorating my apartment right now and you validated the nice wooden table I am about to move into my kitchen! I am excited to add pops of color too! This is all so interesting, I love your style and look forward to reading more!


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