Behind the Brand.

Our lives are fast-paced. We are constantly on the go, trying to do it all, running from place to place. We often measure success by our productivity and accomplishments. We place value on material items. Interestingly enough, we usually aren't satisfied when we do accomplish that goal or purchase that trendy item. Our short attention spans move right along to the next big thing, whatever that may be. This feeds a future-focused mindset, and takes away from the very moment in which we are living.
A shift from these 'more, more, more' and 'on to the next thing' mentalities doesn't happen overnight. But what we can do is start making small, conscious efforts in our daily lives. We can start in our homes - where so much of our time is spent. 
Our homes can be places that encourage stillness and presence. We can fill our spaces with pieces that are meaningful and comforting. When we return home from the hurry and noise of the day, we can find joy in the meaning and quality of the things we have, not in the number of things we have. The things that fill our homes can be warm and inviting, fostering a place to gather with family and friends.
Lane & Luca brings you timeless, classic, and unique pieces that you can get excited about bringing into your home. These pieces serve as a reminder to find gratitude in simplicity. They should inspire you to celebrate mundane, everyday moments in your home because these moments are what matter most.
All products are handmade by small businesses across the globe using sustainably sourced, high quality materials. They are non-toxic and use organic and clean fabrics. Each item has been handpicked from reputable wholesalers, with a hope to weave neutral staple pieces with those of a soft, pastel nature.


About the Founder

I can't thank you enough for your support of my small business.
For as long as I can remember, I have been intrigued by interior design. I grew up spending hours rearranging my bedroom, browsing furniture catalogs, and begging my parents to paint the "dated" oak baseboards in our house white (what?!). My mom would always tell me I'd grow up to become an interior designer and name my business Lane, a shortened, sophisticated version of Delaney. 
As I've gotten older, I'm grateful to have had opportunities interning in design showrooms in both New York and Minnesota. I've dabbled in blogging and working in commercial real estate project management. The combination of these experiences has inspired me to build a brand of my own and create a platform to help others bring their home visions to life.
I wanted my brand to incapsulate my family and my first home, where my love for design was encouraged and celebrated. Pairing the original name, Lane (thanks Mom!), with a shorted version of my brother Lucas' name, Luca, Lane & Luca was born.
Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or suggestions! I would love to talk to you.
Thank you for being here!
- Delaney